Greetings, Internet Readers!

You have arrived at the website associated with Namaste, Motherfucker! magazine. I describe said publication as a Benzine because, though it has featured some wonderful guest authors in the past, everything in it is usually written by yours truly, Ben Terrall. Over the years various characters suggested that I establish a web foothold for the mag. For many years I resisted that well-meant but often annoying advice. My thing has always been about putting out a print publication with snappy cover art and plenty of pages to plow through, a relic of the 20th Century that you can treasure for life, or at least a lunchtime or two.

However since my goal of global conquest via the magazine racks of supermarkets across this fucked-up country of ours has not worked out as planned, and my friend Julie Ann has been kind enough to set this thing up, here I am in cyberspace. Exciting! Or not, you decide.

I certainly hope you enjoy at least a sentence or two of what you find here. Most of the featured essays and reviews originally appeared in CounterPunch or Noir City magazine. The letters section of my magazine, which I hope provides some of the comic relief we all need these days, owes a lot to the great Don Novello’s collections of his correspondence with various wingnuts. I’ve posted a few letters from angry readers here, and my responses to them, none of which have appeared in Namaste, Motherfucker! . Consider that a bonus teaser and incentive to read the hard copy thingamajig if you feel so inclined.

To get a peek at the print edition or even buy it, please go to https://shop.thegreenarcade.com/s/search?q=ben%20terrall (the Noir City Annual also found at that page includes one of my film pieces, though regrettably nothing by me can be found in The Walker’s Map of San Francisco). If you’d like to haggle about purchasing back issues write ben [at] benterrall [dot] com, any fawning praise or personal attacks will also be read with great attention to detail. Thank you and watch out for those pesky variants, turns out that despite most politicians in the country saying otherwise the pandemic isn’t actually over.

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