Greetings, Internet Readers!

I hope you are all well despite being in the middle of a pandemic which has killed more than 400,000 people in the U.S. alone. If the reality of the damn virus is getting you down do keep in mind that we have recently dodged a flurry of rather large bullets by ridding this country of the kleptocratic wannabe-fascist sociopath who plagued our lives (to put it mildly) for four years.

You have arrived at the website associated with Namaste, Motherfucker! magazine. Over the years various characters suggested that I establish a web foothold for said mag but I have long resisted a virtual presence. My thing has always been about putting out a print publication with snappy cover art and plenty of pages to plow through, a relic of the 20th Century that you can treasure for life, or at least a lunchtime or two.

However now that we’re deep into the thick of the financial realities of CoronaTime (stores that used to sell the damn mag are mostly closed, etc.etc.), after much dramatic/pathetic kicking and screaming I’ve belatedly decided that a website kind of makes sense.

I certainly hope you enjoy the result! I also hope you will join me in enthusiastically cheering on whatever further bad fortune greets The Don and his vile crime family.

Ginger the dog with Make Racists Afraid Again baseball cap
High Doggie Fashion for Winter 2021